Queen of Growth and Expansion 2.0


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I sat down with the universe and told her I wanted to grow and expand. She brought me out of my comfort zone and stripped me of all I knew. She had me master silence, release, assertiveness, survival, love, and compassion. She held my hand through the process and told me to share my divine gifts with the world.

Picture Jasper: Connection to mother earth, nurturing, protective, breaks old habits
Obsidian: Brings growth on all levels, truth-enhancing, introduces shadow work
Larvakite: Brings psychic dreams, connects you to spirit guides and ancestors
Black Lava: Rebirth, grounding, shed layers of emotional attachment

This bracelet is made of high quality, genuine crystals and gemstones. It is stretchy and offered in three different sizes as we feel every bracelet should fit your wrist absolutely perfect. Please see our sizing guide in our FAQ for more information.

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