My Top 5 Ways to Cleanse My Space and Crystals

There are so many different ways to energetically cleanse objects and space. I recommend trying a few different options and then feeling into your space afterwards to decide which one you enjoyed the most. Tune into your space and notice the feeling. What does your space feel like afterwards? Does it feel light and clear? Does it feel uplifted and happy? Perhaps you would like to create a ritual incorporating a few at the same time. The important thing to remember is that the journey is yours- and you will know what’s right for you. Here are my favourite ways to cleanse my crystals and space- and when I like to use each of them.

  1. Clean and tidy my home- This is probably not the most popular way to begin but it’s my starting point. Once my house is clean- I can get to work energetically cleansing it. Stagnant energy can stay hidden in clutter, it’s important for it to be able to flow. I always save my floors for last and add essential oils to my water to infuse my floor with high-vibing, anti-bacterial plant medicine. I normally use Thieves cleaner (from Young Living) along with citrus fresh to add some cheer or sometimes basil because it’s linked to prosperity. While I’m tidying I’ll set any crystals out to either charge in the sun or be cleansed in some water (as long as they won’t melt). It’s important to give that water back to the earth afterwards. 
  2. Sage- I like to sage my entire house, front to back, every nook, cranny, and closet. This is a big job so I like to set aside at least an hour to truly infuse my home in good vibrations. My ritual begins with prayer and then lighting my sage bundle, sweeping the smoke throughout my home. After I am finished I open the doors and windows to allow the energy to escape. I also love to use sage smoke to cleanse my crystals. Sometimes, if I don’t want to light it and use the smoke, I’ll lay them in a bed of sage and it will still absorb the energy. If you cleanse the crystals regularly through that bed of sage, be sure to give it back to the earth by burying it or adding it to your fire pit for some extra mosquito protection.

Sidenote: Did you know that sage smoke is proven to kill bacteria in the air? Just another reason to sage your home on a regular basis!

  1. Essential oils- As you may have guessed, I love my essential oils. I like to have them diffusing throughout my home on a regular basis. They vibrate at such an incredible magnitude- it’s a sure way to keep your home’s vibration high and uplifted. My favourite is lemongrass because of its beautiful scent and excellent price point. I also love to cleanse my bracelets in this manner as it’s quick and clean. They are high-vibing and are wonderful at cleansing and clearing energy.
  2. Incense- I love incense but the smell can quickly become overpowering. I’ve began to light an incense stick before I begin each day in my office. It brings a calm and harmonious energy to start my day with. I enjoy using incense that correspond with my chakras. Incense aren’t my favourite way to cleanse crystals but they may be yours! Give it a try if you’re called to do so.
  3. Sound bowls- There is something so incredible about sound healing. The vibration from the bowls can be felt every through a phone screen (follow @the_dailyvibe if you don’t believe me). I’ll periodically play my bowl throughout the house or even just around my crystals (and grids especially!). Sound and music in general is super high-vibe so I tend to play a lot of music and dance! Do you guys play music often in your home? Let me know in the comments!

Some other contenders that I haven’t mentioned are palo santo, sweetgrass, frankincense, moon water sprays, sunlight, moon light, salt, rice, visualization, meditation, and prayer. There are certain crystals that do not need cleansing such as citrine and smoky quartz. Others actually cleanse other crystals such as quartz, selenite, and carnelian. In my research I’ve found that these lists changes and fluctuate. My advice is to go with whatever you feel is working for you. 

As you now know, there are so many different ways to energetically cleanse! If you are looking for any products in particular, I would recommend searching in your local community because chances are- there’s a little hidden gem of a crystal shop just waiting to be explored. If you’re local to Lloydminster, my favourite store to shop for metaphysical things is Home Hardware Building Centre. I like to find the rest of my “paraphernalia” at markets and healing fairs. Check your local listings for events such as these throughout the summer!  

In Infinite Gratitude,

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Photo by the incredibly talented Christy Mills @thechristylife 

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