Messages from Spirit for the Holiday Season

Hello friends,

The holiday season can be hectic and overwhelming. From shopping to holiday parties, you can bet your butt, you’re one busy person. I asked Spirit, my guides, angels to bring you all some gentle reminders for the holiday season in order to manage the bustle of this season with grace and peaceful, loving energy.

You can do this reading in two ways- you can choose a card that resonates with you and scroll to determine the meaning or you can ask your own intuition if you perhaps need all of these reminders? Listen to what you might hear, how your body might feel, or what you might see in your minds eye. You always know best.

What’s in store?!

Got it? Have you chosen one? Several!? Good. Scroll down to find out what Spirit wants you to know.

1.The eight of swords represents victim mentality, self-imposed restrictions, and negative thoughts.

“The Eight of Swords shows a woman bound and blindfolded. Eight swords surround her, seemingly trapping her in place, a symbol of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and mindset that prevent her from moving forward in her life. However, look closer: if the woman removed her blindfold, she would quickly realize that she can escape her predicament by letting go of her limiting beliefs and establishing a new, more empowered mindset. The water pooled at her feet suggests that her intuition might see what her eyes cannot.” As told by Biddy”

What limiting beliefs are holding you back during this holiday season? Is it surrounding money, family members, or even fears of what the season means to you? I challenge you to address these limiting beliefs. Ask yourself what story you are telling yourself and if it’s even the truth. How can you rewrite this story to become empowering?

For example:

“The holiday season is so expensive. I never seem to have enough money.”

Rewrite your story:

“Money is an unlimited resource and is always flowing my way. I am grateful that I am able to give in the capacity that I do each season.”

Another example:

“The Christmas season always brings up drama and bad memories within my family.”

Rewrite your story:

“In the past, this season has brought up negative situations. This year, I am excited to start fresh with a new mindset and will encourage others do the same. My past doesn’t define my future.”

2. The six of cups is a card that takes you back to happy memories from your past. You may be revisiting these memories throughout the Holiday season as this time of year brings up many special memories.

When this card shows up in a reading it is often showing an increased level of harmony and cooperation in your relationships. You are ready to give and receive, without expectation.

The six of cups is also asking you to give others the benefit of the doubt. If there are difficult memories that come up during this season, then try remind yourself to not stay stuck in the past and embrace the present moment. If you find yourself in reflection of the past too often you will miss out on brand new memories, opportunities, and blessings that the universe has to offer you.

This card suggests getting in touch with your inner child during this season. Whether that means trying out an old tradition from your childhood or just connecting with the children in your life by doing something festive together, your inner child is longing to come out and have some fun!

3.The knight of pentacles represents work, effort, and responsibility.

When this card appears in a reading when you are working towards your goals and have a plan in place to get the job done. You are consistent, dedicated, and committed to your goal. This card is a reminder that you will reach your goals and not to give up.

Whether this is planning a holiday party, a fundraiser, or just planning the entire schedule of the holiday season, Spirit is reminding you to keep doing what you’re doing and with hard work and dedication, it will all get done.

If this resonated with you in a health perspective, spirit is telling you to stick to your goals and routines even if it is monotonous.

This card also may be a reminder that you need more discipline and commitment in your life in order to reach your goals. Schedule a routine and stick to it. Even through the holidays. It will help you keep grounded and centred. 

And there you have it my friends! This reading went deep real quick but I honestly believe that although we didn’t want to hear some of it, it was quite necessary.

Do me a solid and share this blog post with someone who may need to hear these messages as well.

XOXO Taegan

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