Journey with Spirit

written by Jess Hoover

@beyoutifullystyeld @heartgatephotography**For this article, I’ll be using the term “Spirit” to reflect what I call God.  Spirituality. Religion. Theology. System of Beliefs. Belief in Divinity. Whatever the term is for you, it has always piqued my interest. Even as a child, I was curious about religion and chose to go to main stream small town Christian church on Sundays because I have always felt there was more to life. Our family wasn’t particularly spiritual or religious and didn’t attend church regularly or even as a family but there was something in connecting over a common belief that really drew me inwards. As a teenager, I attended youth group and bible camp. Fast forward to university. I explored the theology behind all sorts of religions through various courses. It honestly opened me up to a whole new world of thinking and understanding others from different perspectives. As much as religion, the terminology and the ideologies can differ from culture to culture, it seemed to me that many had an underlying common factor: many seemed to be searching for a greater connection to a higher Power and understanding our human purpose on this earth. This was the foundation to my spiritual growth that has finally lead me to today and how I incorporate spirituality in my day to day life. At the beginning of 2019, I felt that something was drastically missing from my life. I am blessed to be apart of a beautiful family, lucky enough to have my soul mate as my amazing husband and life partner, grateful for my two spirited daughters, there is a roof over my head, we have food and clean water and so many more blessings; that I could go on literally for days listing them all. And yet, something was off.  

Insert, if you will: Divine Intervention. Through a series of life connections, I found myself drawn to a beautiful trio of soulful women and their spiritual offerings. I was quickly drawn into a new world of self discovery and self love through what I’ve affectionately nicknamed my Moon-Sisters Circle. I chose to commit to a 6 week series of meditation circles guided and lead by our mentor, where I shared my time and experiences with the same 13 women, to dive deeper into my divine womanhood and to connect with my true soul. We met weekly on Friday evenings, in a beautiful geodome, in the middle of a farm field, to do some serious inner energy work through guided meditation, healing and releasing rituals based on the moon cycles and connected with ourselves, while holding an open heart space for one another. It’s actually difficult to put into written words on how powerful an experience like this can be, unless you have experienced something similar. I think as human beings, we crave connection. Human connection. Soul connection. And this had been exactly what I was missing. I had been cracked open so that I could heal from the inside out. 

 Now, my weekly ritual includes meditation 1-3 times per week based on the moon calendar and how I’m feeling, self care in the form of less mindless social media scrolling, more book reading and luxurious hot baths. More self awareness when it comes to my body; addressing its needs physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully. Oh and there is plenty of crystal grid work as well. Spatter in some oracle cards, sage or palo santo smudging, donning myself with natural stone jewellery based on my needs for the day/week (thank YOU @spiritcollab for your soulful designs) and there you have it. I focus on my gratitudes daily, and sometimes hourly if it’s really been a trying day. I fuel my body with natural whole foods as much as I can, do my best to stay away from caffeine and refined sugar and hydrate with plenty of water every day, all day long. I stay true to myself when working at my branding, photography and styling businesses and ensure that the brands that I chose to work with align with my core values and vibes. I honour where I’m at more these days. Knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be. And always working towards my higher self while honouring Spirit in whatever feels most authentic to me. I show myself more compassion and allow myself to feel. Feel sadness. Feel grief. Feel anger. Feel happiness. Feel love.  

What I’ve come to realize is that spirituality is for no one and yet also for everyone. Let me explain. I believe that your journey to find Spirit, is yours and yours alone. Each person will have their individual experiences, expectations and reactions to searching and finding the spirituality they are looking for. The only person that should be concerned about your belief system is YOU. Thus, the spirituality you seek is for no one but YOU.  And while I realize that many have no desire or belief to search for a higher connection to Spirit, I believe that everyone is capable of connecting to Spirit if that is so their heart’s intention. At the basic level of all human existence, we can all agree that we are all made up of the same stuff. Atoms and particles that are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons. This is just basic high school science. In essence, we are all energy in human life form. To me, it just makes sense that on some level, we are all the same. Searching for love. Searching for connection. Searching for inner happiness. Regardless of the route you choose to follow on your path to spirituality, I believe that we are all connected and can always learn from each others’ perspectives. So take what you will from my break down of spirituality. I encourage you to explore it more if that feels right for you. And if not, that’s more than alright as well. In my opinion, there is no ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’ when it comes to finding your higher self. 

Opening up by sharing your spiritual beliefs and ideas can be an incredibly vulnerable experience. And I thank you in advance for being kind and compassionate in reading this article. I do not claim to know it all. Nor is sharing my experiences the only way to following your own spiritual path. My hope is that by sharing my personal spiritual growth experience, that I may inspire you if you are on a similar path to honour yourself, the journey you may be on or about to take part on and to always live your truth knowing that is right, because it is authentic to you.  As always, love & light to youJess I’d like to honour and pay respect to my Mentors for their guidance and inspiration. Please feel free to follow them on Instagram:@FarmtoOm photos taken by @heartgatephotography at @goodlandfarms out the rest of Jess’s photos below:

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