Crystals for Back to School

The school year is fast approaching and many of our kids get anxiety about heading back to school! Whether it’s a new grade, class, or even school, I think we can all remember that feeling of intimidation (and if you don’t, consider yourself #blessedaf). I’ve come up with a short list of crystals that will all help with back to school!

Fluorite- memory, concentration, focus, fights cold/flu symptoms

Clear Quartz- memory, mental clarity, master healer/amplifier

Citrine- for confidence, happiness, and mental focus

Rhodonite- for confidence, memory, and healing emotions

Dumortierite – health, patience and focus on goals, keep the mind balanced and calm

If you have some of these lying around the house, get you and your child together to cleanse and charge the crystals. During the process you can chat with them about how these crystals can help them and get an idea about what they’re anxious about this coming year. Hopefully you’ll be able to ease their minds!


Cleanse in sage smoke, essential oil mist, sunlight, or dirt.

Charge with selenite or the moon

If you are missing some crystals please check out my website for my back to school collection or your local crystal shops!

If you are in Lloydminster, my favourite shops are Home Hardware Building Centre and Divine Healing Centre.

I hope everyone has a smooth transition into the new school year.

In Infinite Gratitude, 


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