About Spirit Collab

Spirit Collab is a small home-based business based in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Spirit Collab takes pride in value and quality. It’s our goal to give you a beautiful, genuine crystal bracelet with beautiful intentions set in order for you to reach your higher purpose. Each bracelet is made entirely by hand and infused with love and gratitude. Before each bracelet is sent off to it’s new owner we are careful to clear any attached energy and charge it up on selenite so it’s in perfect condition to work for you.

A letter from the owner/creator:

I’m so grateful you’ve stumbled across my little page of treasures. The love and support I’ve received has been so humbling. The process of creating these beautiful healing pieces of art has been such a blessing. This journey has become just as therapeutic for me as it will be for each person who owns a piece of my jewelry.

Spirit Collab’s entire brand was created by listening to tidbits of information delivered from the universe and the art of practicing gratitude. I am a firm believer in practicing gratitude in order to live a prosperous and abundant life. 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be able create for you. I create each bracelet with intuitive intentions, collaborating with Spirit in order to bring you whatever you are needing in your spiritual and healing journeys. I enjoy bringing knowledge to people and empowering them in their own spiritual path. I hope to inspire you to embrace the divine, find your purpose, and continue on your path of healing and growth.

In Infinite Gratitude, 

Spirit Collab